About me

By Day

I'm an in-house designer working on the Ui and Ux for internal tools and large data e-commerce websites at Genie Ventures.

By Night

Illustrator, web designer. Professional day dreamer, boulderer and amateur beer drinker. At times I paint, draw, sing or make things out of wood or paper.


My Prototyping and interface tool of choice is Figma (for now). In the Adobe tool space, illustrator is my go to for all things vector, from illustration to readying my SVGs for web animation (although I'm increasingly using Figma for this too). Photoshop is always there, being the top dawg for image enhancement and manipulation. Then of course there's none above InDesign when it comes to editorial design. I often dabble in After Effects for testing web animations and making the occasional video or experimenting with Cinema 4D. 

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