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Digital marketing agency Genie Goals needed their site to align with business goals. I was tasked with producing a future proof site, which streamlined the update process and helped increase free audit requests. The secondary goal was to show potential Genie Goals employees this is a fun but determined place of work where smart people have space to grow.

Genie Goals Website

Web Design, Ui

My Role

Web, Ui designer

The key to ‘selling’ my design to key stakeholders of Genie Goals, was the video mock up of the homepage - see below.

Homepage mock up

I presented a simplified design to stakeholders. The new header and footer design was in keeping with their goal of bringing in high level talent to the company. Big on running marketing events with Google, I added a feature of being able to sign up to any event to the site. Easily accessed by the marketing manager through their CMS. These created a unique URL, so the team could easily advertise each event with print materials and on their social channels.

After each event I added the feature of being able to send out a URL for their audience to download a white paper with information on the event, while collecting contact details in the process. This could be uploaded in the CMS as a PDF.

Of course there were lots of added features such as key metrics shown within hover states on the case study section see image

Simplified design / event sign ups

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