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A facts only news channel - unbiased, concise, using everyday channels of communication largely ignored by British Politics.

Their goal is to be the largest independent political news provider. No bullshit, just news.

Modern Politics

Branding, Digital Design

My Role

Branding, brand identity, digital campaign design.

Modern Politics were keen to get general knowledge out to their audience. I worked with them to create and put live a campaign to feed bite sized facts. The series named ‘just facts’ began with ‘Just facts: PMQs explained. You can see the artwork I produced for this campaign, following the clean simplistic look I designed for the brand.

Just Facts: Politics explained

A combined letter identity using a simple serif font, supported by a clear sans-serif. The lettering depicts what Modern Politics is aiming to achieve. A clear, concise and unbiased view of politics and
the news. Shining a light on real facts is what MP is about. The social templates allow Modern Politics to show the spotlight concept shining on politics, revealing the plain facts.

The main focus for modern politics was to engage young people in politics via social channels. I created a set of social media templates for the team to use, emphasising the design with a spotlight on politics.

Modern Politics is: Trusted, factual, reliable, engaging, independent, transparent, unbiased, concise, credible. For this project I produced a complete set of brand guidelines.


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